Walking Safaris Sri Lanka

Trekking and Walking Holidays in Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka’s wilderness at a slower pace with our walking safaris, offering an intimate alternative to jeep safaris. Guided by expert naturalists, discover the island's diverse ecosystems and encounter its wildlife up close. From the vibrant hues of butterflies to the melodious calls of birds, each trek unveils the hidden gems of Sri Lanka's natural world.


Guided and Self-Guided Walking Tours

Experience the freedom to choose between guided and self-guided walking safaris. Our trails include the captivating Pekoh Trail in Sri Lanka, offering treks through lush landscapes with rich biodiversity and stunning vistas. Known for serene beauty and excellent bird watching opportunities, our trails promise an immersive adventure in nature.

Accommodations and Meals

Stay in a variety of accommodations, from homestays to owner-managed hotels and bush camps like our exclusive Ahaspokuna Bush Walks Camp. Enjoy hearty packed or hot meals during your trek, with some programs offering overnight camping complete with freshly prepared meals by our skilled team.

Trekking Guides

Our trekking guides are renowned for their expertise and passion for Sri Lanka’s wilderness. They enrich your journey with insights into local flora, fauna, and cultural heritage, ensuring each trek is educational and memorable.

Trek Grading

We offer treks graded to suit all levels, taking into account factors like distance, altitude, trail conditions, and weather variability. Whether you prefer a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, our grading system ensures you find the perfect trekking experience tailored to your preferences.

Weather Conditions

Sri Lanka’s climate varies by region, from tropical in the lowlands to cooler temperatures in the central highlands. The south-east monsoon brings rain from May to July, while the north-west monsoon occurs from December to January. Overall, Sri Lanka offers favorable trekking conditions year-round.

Plan Your Trekking Adventure

Embark on your trekking adventure in Sri Lanka with us. Discover serene landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and cultural insights on our guided walking safaris. Book directly for the best rates and personalized service, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through Sri Lanka's natural wonders.

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